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Court of Honor

Our fall court of honor will be Nov. 4 with board of review on Oct. 21. Contact the advancement chair if you’re missing any badges/patches.

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Former Assistant Scoutmaster Silver will lead a geocaching badge Feb. 11. Scouts who would like to complete the badge should review the requirements and get a blue card from the Advancement Chair.

Snorkeling BSA Patch

Scouts plan to earn the Snorkeling BSA patch Sun, Aug. 29, at the Sinoquipe pool. Those going to SeaBase are to earn this patch in preparation, but all scouts are welcome to earn it. Contact Kate if planning to attend.

Court of Honor

Our fall court of honor will be Oct. 22 at 6:30. Board of review is Oct. 8. Scouts should prepare to finish badges and rank requirements by Oct. 8.

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Court of Honor & Cookie Exchange

Our final court of honor for 2020 will be Dec. 18 at 6:30. Boys can also bring a decorated box to swap bagged cookies for a cookie exchange. Any boy who wants to join the gift exchange can bring a gift of not more than $15.

Fall Court of Honor

Fall Court of Honor will be at the Scout House Oct. 2 at 7PM. Set up is at 6:30PM. Board of Review will be Sept. 25.

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Swim Test Prep

To get ready for summer camp, we are meeting twice a week to review swimming skills for the swim test. Boys who are interested can work on the Swimming merit badge too.

For the swim test, boys need to jump into deep water, level off, swim 75 yards of a strong stoke (front/back crawl, breast, or side), then swim 25 yards of elementary back stroke, and finish by floating or treading for 30-60 seconds. They must be comfortable the whole way and not exhausted by the end.

Boys who pass the swim test will be able to be in a kayak by themselves. To finish the Kayaking merit badge, boys will need to show they can exit the kayak while capsized, climb back into the kayak, and dump a kayak over another.

Merit Badge Fair 2020

merit badges for 2020 fair

We will host our second merit badge fair Sat, March 28, from 8-3 at Cito UMC. Boys can choose up to three badges/awards to work on that day. Please look at the requirements before choosing on this form. All badges will require prerequisites or homework.

Personal Fitness (Eagle) with Brad Dickerson
Animal Science with Daniel McGlothin (prereq’s)
American Heritage with Kate Carbaugh (prereq’s)
Safety with Meredith Cirtwell
Automotive Maintenance with Brett Remsburg
Paul Bunyan Award with Dave Scamardella

Court of Honor

The fall court of awards begins at 7PM Fri, Oct. 4.

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2019 Merit Badge Fair Homework

This merit badge fair is designed to connect scouts with counselors and to give them the opportunity to start several badges. Scouts should not expect to finish any badges in just the ninety-minute session time. If a scout would like to finish a badge in April, he can begin working on the requirements as soon as he registers. Below are the counselors’ goals for what they hope to finish on April 13 and what they expect the scout will need to do independently.

Do you use Scoutbook? Connect your scout to the counselor for easy communication and monitoring requirement progress.

Art with Brad Dickerson of Troop 43
Citizenship in the Community with Kate Carbaugh of Troop 45
Communication with Kate Carbaugh of Troop 45
Fire Safety with Brett Remsburg of Troop 45
Graphic Arts with Brad Dickerson of Troop 43
Moviemaking with Kate Carbaugh of Troop 45
Nature with Dave Scamardella of Troop 45
Orienteering with Daniel McGlothin of Troop 43
Sustainability with Ed Wenschhof of Troop 45

Jailee Singer, Troop 45’s advancement chair, is organizing this event. Please contact her with questions about the event.

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