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The troop held a court of honor March 31, 2023, to award badges from the recent council merit badge college.

The February 2023 campout was to Camp Potomac.

Every November our troop helps to load 300+ Christmas trees from a local farm to send to Hagerstown for the council tree sale fundraiser. 2022.

Our fall court of honor was Nov. 4, 2022. Several scouts moved up a rank and everyone received their summer camp awards.

This year at summer camp featured a number of highlights. First — Troop 45 won the Spirit Day competition. Although they didn’t have a dress up theme, their SPL methodically made sure they earned a lot number of points at the different activities and they even broke troop tradition by actually performing a skit during campfire! Reid, Brody and Henry participated in the triathalon relay by biking, running, and kayaking, respectively. Both Hunter and Nevin worked on staff this year too.

The troop went to SeaBase for a week in the US Virgin Islands. Their tour left St. Thomas and sailed around St. John with plenty of stops to snorkel. They learned to sail, slept on deck, hiked a couple of times, tried to fish (only caught sea weed), and even ordered pizza from a boat called the House of Pi.

The troop at the Memorial Day service:

Troop photo session to use for the summer camp t-shirts:

Spring campout with the pack:

Campout at the Nazarene camp

The troop planned to help Ranger Jack with a stream conservation project in January, but extreme cold and wind in a cabin with no heat (plus a surge in Covid) led the troop to postpone till March. While the weather was in the 50s the day the troop arrived, several inches of snow fell Saturday morning followed by wind and temps in the teens that afternoon. Still the boys decided to move rocks and replant willows in the snow, much to the excitement of Ranger Jack and stream expert Scott Alexander. Their couple of hours of service count toward a conservation patch. The boys also cooked, had snowball fights, and went sledding. A few even fished.

The troop went snowtubing at Whitetail Feb. 13, 2022.

The district dinner was Feb. 12, 2022, at Sinoquipe. Don Harriman cooked oven-fried pork chops and trout for dinner. The boys helped with clean up.

The troop went hiking at 1000 Steps on Jack’s Mountain near Mt. Union on Nov. 6, 2021, climbing over 1000 feet.

Scouts dressed up and brought siblings to our Halloween meeting with included trick or treating and games.

Oct. 29, 2021

On Oct. 22 we held our fall court of honor. Several scouts earned rank and received badges from summer camp through the fall. Edward was also recognized for his Eagle project that he completed last spring.

The county fair board asked the troop to help with trash and bathrooms for the rodeo Aug. 28, 2021.

The troop participated in week 4 of resident camp at Camp Sinoquipe. Popular badges were Camping and Swimming with some scouts also in Weather, Cooking, Forestry, Rowing, Shotgun, Lifesaving, Horsemanship, and First Aid. At the closing ceremony, three boys were called out to join the Order of the Arrow.

The troop held a spring court of honor May 14, 2021.

The troop met virtually using Google Meet in December, January and February. They used breakout rooms to work in patrols on activity plans and rank skills.

On Nov. 21, 2020, the troop helped to load Christmas trees for the Mason-Dixon Council fundraiser.

With the virus spreading in the county, the troop opted for a day hike on Nov. 7, 2020. They hiked 6 miles of the Western Maryland Rail Trail and worked on rank requirements and learned about the local history from the scoutmaster.

For Halloween 2020 the boys dressed up for a troop Trunk or Treat.

On Oct. 10, 2020, the boys met for the morning to work on the Paul Bunyan Award and check in with badge counselors about open badges.

The troop’s fall Court of Honor was Oct. 2, 2020. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, four boys moved up a rank and all boys earned at least one merit badge.

We planned to go to Sinoquipe in 2020 for summer camp, but the Covid-19 pandemic ended those plans. Instead we went to Cyberquipe and were fortunate that we could still camp at Shawnee State Park. Many other boys at Cyberquipe were isolated at home. We packed devices, hot spots, and generators in addition to lots of camp gear and food for a week (supplemented by food drops). Younger scouts worked on rank, Leatherwork, and Basketry. Most older boys worked on Photography, Electricity, and Woodcarving. Some boys did Mining in Society. Everyone also worked on the Kayaking badge in the afternoons.

Alex’s Eagle project was to build new picnic tables for the Buck Valley park. He held his ceremony in Nov. 2019. State Representative Jesse Topper presented a commendation.

Troops 45 & 43 worked together on the Orienteering badge at Pine Grove Furnace State Park on a weekend in October 2019.

The troop held a Court of Honor Oct. 4, 2019. The boys earned a total of 51 awards. One boy earned Life Scout, three boys earned Star, and one boy earned Tenderfoot.

Two boys finished the Hiking merit badge Aug. 17, 2019, using the trail system at Cowans Gap State Park.

Memorial Day services in McConnellsburg and Buck Valley. 2019.

The troop hosted a merit badge fair April 13, 2019. Troop 43 from McConnellsburg also attended. Boys could choose up to four badges to begin working on.

Henry made a video about building a compass in the woods for the Moviemaking badge.

Three boys completed their 15-mile hike for the Hiking merit badge. They hiked from Aughwick Road over Cove Mountain on the Todd Trail and Standing Stone Trail to Locke Valley Road. They completed this on March 17, 2019. They were joined by Dan Foster who is an AT thru hiker.

Troop 45 at Camp Rock Enon (about 2012)

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